Girl Scouts USA Begins Viral Leveraging Of Iconic Cookie Sales


The theme of the Girl Scouts most recent campaign is “Every Cookie Has A Mission: To Help Girls Do Great Things.”

The campaign and accompanying viral YouTube video (above) focus on the underappreciated accomplishments – which are many – of the cookie-sales program. The video, however, eschews traditional images of Girl Scouts per se and instead delivers its message through compelling copy and graphic icons.[more]

Consumers, in fact, do help society by purchasing cookies from local Girl Scouts encamped around card tables outside of supermarkets and at high-school sporting events. As cookie lovers salivate this time of year over the stacked boxes of Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Samoas, they can feel good about everything their cookie purchases help the scouts accomplish.

Girl Scouts USA, the parent organization of the thousands of local girl-scout groups around the country, wants Americans to understand how the cookie proceeds are used to support worthy causes such as victims of floods, residents of homeless shelters, and US soldiers overseas. What begins as a box of cookies sold by a young woman goes to help human beings of all ages in the most dire of circumstances.

The juxtaposition between the innocent, all-American Girl Scouts and the ugly reality of human suffering may seem like a difficult connection to make, but it is there. Big Time. The cookie-focused campaign is also a precursor to an overall rebranding plan by the Girl Scouts, to be unveiled in the spring. It will focus on how scouting builds confidence and leadership skills in participating girls. Just as importantly, the cookie selling allows Girl Scouts to develop business skills and financial discipline.

And you just wanted a thin mint.


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