Fashion Model Pitches Brands On T-Shirts


In the world of guerrilla marketing, anything a brand can do to draw attention to itself is fair game.

So how about this game: A professional fashion model is offering to wear a t-shirt promoting any brand for a day. Tanaya Henry, a 21-year old whose modeling credentials include L’Oreal, Microsoft, VH1, and Sephora, says she’ll not only wear a branded t-shirt, she’ll also “do a professional photo shoot wearing your t-shirt, write a blog post about how kick-ass your company is, and I’ll even talk about your company to all of my model friends.”

She also promises to post pictures of her wearing the t-shirt to her Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.[more]

Tanaya’s pricing model is as unusual as her brand promotion efforts: She is selling each day at “face value.” She’s currently sold out through February 9, but February 10 would cost you $41 (since it’s the 41st day of the year).

We’ve seen branding messages on everything from sidewalks to taxi tops to bathroom urinals. We’ve seen out-of-work actors handing out product samples on street corners. We’ve seen ordinary people display branding messages on their foreheads.

But the enterprising Tanaya has come up with an easy way ( for any brand to get at least 24 hours of fashionable exposure.


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