Italian Fashion Brands Now Fit Curvy Women


When Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli painted his Birth of Venus between 1485 and 1486, he most likely would never have figured that Venus, with her tummy pouch and sensual, curvy, and milky soft skin, would be considered a plus size in today’s thin-obsessed world. However, if Venus was into today’s latest trends, she might not even be able to find her size in fashion retail stores.

It’s taken more than 520 years, but the Italian Renaissance for modern curvy women has been launched. Well, at least in Italy it has. Vogue Italia is rediscovering curvy women and dedicating a section of its online site to full-figured ladies, calling it Vogue Curvy.[more]

There are very few fashion destinations on the web that celebrate and include the plus size fashionista; however on Marie Claire Magazine’s site, Ashley Falcon writes a blog called Big Girl in a Skinny World, which is really an online landmark within the virtual fashion spectrum.

For now, the section is strictly confined to the website, but who knows if someday it will go to print. Plus size pride is inching its way into the world of fashion and the minds of trendsetters. For example, aboard the Vogue Curvy mission are writers from SaksInTheCity and

With the mindset that style has no size requirement, Italia editor Beniamino Marini is looking for more writers; so, if you have something to say about the plus size movement, speak up and reach out – Vogue Italia wants your voice.

Ciao bella.


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