Headline Roundup: New, Newer, Newest


With the help of Kenneth Cole, Macy’s will launch another lower-priced brand. [Crain’s]

Online grocery store Fresh Direct created an iPhone app for New York. [WSJ]

Sony, Intel team up for The Rocket Project, designed for students. [BrandFreak]

Not yet saved from bankrupcy, Christian Lacroix continues to create more lines. [NY Mag]

Akoo Jeans’ controversial billboard in Newark will be taken down. [Huffington Post]

NBC’s new sitcom ‘Parenthood’ will be exclusively sponsored by Nissan. [Brandweek][more]

Despite its new campaign, Saks must decrease advertising costs. [Madison Avenue Spy]

Retail companies are left wondering how to appeal to today’s “Millenials.” [NY Times]

Hulu will stop showing episodes of ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Daily Show.’ [LA Times]

Domino’s latest promotions and recipe revamp lead to increased sales. [Business Insider]

Google has added a new click-to-call ad option for its mobile phones. [Adweek]

Tivo designed a new set-up box for televisions to assist in video searching. [Reuters]

Finish Strong LLC is suing Reebok in regards to the company’s latest t-shirts. [AP]

A new auction will give peopel the chance to buy celebrity fashion. [NY Daily News]


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