Product Placement In 2009 Oscar-Nominated Films: An Approval Matrix


A look at the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding product placements in the Oscar-nominated films of 2009. So, how did the following brandcameos fare? 

American Airlines in Up In The Air.         Belstaff in Inglorious Basterds.

BET in Precious.                                    BlackBerry in Up In The Air.

BMW in The Blind Side.                         Bristol in An Education.

Chanel in An Education.                        Chrysler Sebring in Up In The Air.

Fenton’s in UP.                                     * Günther’s in District 9.

Hilton in Up In The Air.                          Jujubees in Avatar.

* RDA in Avatar.                                   Red Owl in A Serious Man.

Sony in District 9.                                Stanford University in Avatar.

Taco Bell in The Blind Side.                   Under Armour in The Blind Side.

Walther in Inglorious Basterds.              “*” Fictional brand.[more]



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