Rimmel Recruits American Models To Increase Brand Exposure


British cosmetics company Rimmel London has made a habit of hiring UK-born beauties for its ads, but three new brand ambassadors – Zooey Deschanel, Solange Knowles, and Alejandra Ramos Munoz – are helping the brand to break that trend.

What’s different about these models? All of the women are American and add another level of culture and ethnicity to an otherwise unremarkable campaign. As the UK’s most popular cosmetics brand, Rimmel hopes that American models will increase sales in America. In addition to bringing the brand across the pond – where it is quickly growing in popularity – the strategy will also attract fans of the personalities, some of whom are known for non-modeling careers in the entertainment industry. It’s a clever strategy.[more]

The US beauty industry is incredibly competitive, and the models will act as a brand sponsors for Rimmel, helping it boost its exposure and secure space in international retail stores. Rimmel carefully chose the three women, making attractiveness, allure, singularity, diversity, and brand compatibility top priorities.

Coty Beauty, Rimmel’s parent company, is confident about the additions: “These three strong, successful and uniquely beautiful women will help ensure that Rimmel London’s image continues to be modern and globally relevant,” said Coty president Renato Semerari. CEO Bernd Beetz added, “Zooey, Solange and Alejandra each bring a distinct look and personality to Rimmel London, expanding the brand’s visibility and strengthening Coty’s global colour platform.”

Each model will plug an individual collection through television and print placement. The brand, however, may want to have the women also join its social media efforts; currently Rimmel’s Twitter account, geared toward American consumers, could use more followers.


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