Triscuit Supports Home Farming In New Initiative


You wouldn’t think a box of crackers would have much to do with urban farming. But Kraft Foods is using its Triscuit brand of crackers to help create fifty community-based gardens this year. The first garden opened yesterday in Los Angeles, and others will be located throughout the U.S. All will be maintained by volunteers and residents in their local communities.

Triscuit is leveraging a growing interest in backyard gardening. About two-thirds of Americans say they want to grow food at home; over half of them, however, don’t have the time or space to do so.[more]

Kraft is making an unusually large commitment to the concept of home farming by offering free basil and dill herb seed cards on four million Triscuit boxes. The brand is also sponsoring an educational website with a wealth of information on how to start a home garden and how to find local community farms.

Triscuit’s current advertising campaign, “Weave Some Wonder,” ties in with the home farming initiative because it focuses on the crackers’ “simple, authentic goodness,” according to Kraft. Jim Low, Kraft’s director of marketing for wheat crackers, says Triscuit naturally fits with helping people take advantage of “the simple joy of growing and sharing their own herbs and vegetables.” Triscuit also funds programs for students who develop sustainable farming methods.

The Triscuit home farming initiative is indicative of the manner in which a brand – even something as simple as crackers – can associate itself with a positive, healthy program. It’s a differentiating technique that pays off for the brand as well as the community.


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