Lay’s Hopes Consumers Will Upload Smiles To Flickr


Food conglomerate Frito-Lay is reaching out to Flickr users around the world with a new campaign. The brand is leveraging the popular photo-sharing website as the destination for its ongoing “Happiness Exhibit,” Lay’s is encouraging consumers to upload photos that specifically exhibit positivity.

The promotion is an extension of Lay’s “Happiness Is Simple” campaign from 2009, which was designed to promote the importance of  “life’s simple pleasures.” Lay’s, of course, posits that such pleasures are found in a handful of sliced potatoes.[more]

Eager to prove its relevancy in a tech-savvy world, Lay’s hopes that upcoming holidays and springtime bliss will compel consumers to post their happy memories onto Flickr, where the site has created a section devoted to the promotion. Submitted photos may be published in upcoming themed issues of People magazine or even on Lay’s-branded bags.

Ad agency Juniper Park spearheaded the project. Executive creative director Barry Quinn explained that potato chips are often enjoyed at events like “your birthday, when you’ve got friends over, or you’re watching the game, or it’s the Fourth of July.” And with the incentive of being published, Lay’s hopes consumers will participate in the branding exercise – hopefully with a bowl full of chips on their laps and smiles on their faces.


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