Study Shows Brand “Friending” Means Brand Buying


It has recently been established that Facebook is the most popular online brand in the world. If a new study is to be believed, Facebook’s popularity also rubs off on brands. Which ones? Well, all of them.

The results of research on social media and brands by iModerate and Chadwick Martin Bailey show that nearly 20 percent of respondents were more likely to buy or recommend “many” brands since becoming a “fan” or “follower” of those brands on Facebook or Twitter. The responses were just as encouraging in other areas.

When it came to at least “a few brands,” more than 30 percent of respondents said they would buy a few of the brands they followed on Facebook, while over 40 percent said they would recommend at least a few of those brands to friends. Such positive results for brands followed on Twitter were even higher. Reasons for “friending” the brands were studied as well. The most common reason for Facebooking a brand was to receive discounts. The second most common was being a customer of the brand. The third was just to show support.[more]

Clearly these findings are far from a brand strategy magic bullet – “likely to buy/recommend a brand” is a long way from making an actual purchase. Furthermore, since these respondents had already “followed” these brands via their respective social media networks, one could assume (or hope) they were likely to buy or recommend some of them anyway. There also should be some concern and confusion about the 34 percent of Facebook respondents who said that, despite being fans of a brand, they would not buy it.

However, these results should excite and encourage branding professionals who have been pushing social media integration at their respective properties. The results should also bolster those pushing for their brand’s strategy to add a greater social media element. Finally, the study should validate those branders who have fought for social media synthesis in the face of naysayers.

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