Yellow Pages Logo Redesign Paradox


Pages, remember those? Paper sheets affixed one after the other, covered with various information organized in even more various ways. Those days are over.

Clearly, the modern age of the iPad and Kindle is not one of pages. So Yellow Pages, the well-known telephone and address directory, is changing its logo to reflect substantial changes within its brand.[more]

The logo redesign conveys the brand’s move from a paper phone book platform to a digital rolodex. Editing out the familiar pages from Yellow Pages’ logo symbolizes a broad and ambitious increase in the Montreal-based brand’s scope and business strategy.

“Our new branding reflects an important shift in the way we are doing business. The message it sends is that [the brand] is multi-platform: we’re online, we’re mobile and we are still the leading and most widely used print directory in the country,” said Yellow Pages president and chief executive, explaining the brand’s move.

Yellow Pages’ widely recognized “walking fingers” will remain, however. Additionall alterations include the logo shape, which is changing from a square to something more… iPhone app-like. The new logo will represent Yellow Pages’ multi-platform new business approach, featuring Yellow Pages-branded web production services and apps for smartphones such as the Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. For a brand that anticipates a to earn a full 20 percent of revenues in 2010 from the digital segment, it’s a rational move.

But is Yellow Pages’ effort to modernize the logo actually undermining part of the brand’s valuable and renowned legacy? Indeed, the brand is still named Yellow “Pages,” no?


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