Crocs Gives Its Footwear A Loving Makeover


Gardeners and soccer moms might want to look for a new favorite footwear brand, because Crocs is moving away from its infamous clogs in favor of more fashionable styles.

Crocs recently released a commercial that, as AdWeek reports, “… isn’t selling the colorful clogs that made the company famous.” Instead, the promotion highlights a variety of modern slip-ons. In the thirty-second spot, viewers are also introduced to Croslite, a technology in all branded shoes designed to increase comfort and hug a wearer’s foot. After coming home from what appears as a long day of work in high-heeled pumps, a pair of animated clog-like Croslites give the commercial’s model a foot massage (video above).[more]

Can consumers expect the same level of comfort from the new, much thinner looking Crocs as the old ones? Yes, says Global VP of Marketing Ken Chaplin: “These new shoe styles reflect our expertise in the design, development and marketing of custom contouring footwear.” For a company that just settled a $7 million lawsuit after a child wearing Crocs had his foot disfigured by an escalator, touting a comfortable cure may not be the way to go. But Crocs still deserves credit for reaching out to customers who just want to relax at home; this could help the brand to lose its widespread reputation for unfashionable footwear. The Crocs brand isn’t the Snuggie, after all.

Additionally, consumers like to feel appreciated by beloved brands and Crocs new slogan of “Feel the love” tugs at their heartstrings. Giving its campaign an emotional touch will help Crocs to step back into the spotlight – this time, for a good reason.