Girl Scout’s “Operation Cookie” Bonds Brands


The Girl Scout Troops of Nassau County have teamed up with DHL, the world’s leading express delivery and logistics company, to bring some sweetness and home turf memories to US military troops overseas. DHL is transporting 45,000 boxes – one million Girl Scout Cookies in a show of respect and gratitude for US servicemen and women.

“Operation Cookie” enlisted Girl Scouts of all ages to pack Girl Scout Cookie cases for delivery to a DHL Express truck, with the Nassau County Police Department, Port Authority Police Department, New York City Police Department, and Garden City Police as escorts to JFK International Airport. By week’s end, the cookies will arrive at military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq.[more]

“We could not be happier to bring a taste of home to the men and women serving our country and hope it serves as a reminder that although we are physically apart, they are never far from our thoughts and prayers,” commented Donna Ceravolo, Executive Director, Girl Scouts of Nassau County. “This year’s Operation Cookie program could not have been possible without the help of DHL Express, who has so generously donated their shipping services to us for the fourth year in a row.”

DHL has donated transportation and logistics services for Operation Cookie since 2006. The company has been acknowledged by the Department of Defense for its “first in market” support of US servicemen and women.

The Girl Scout’s “Operation Cookie” program is made possible by asking regular customers to buy an extra box or case for donation. In a clear and successful collaboration, two disparate brands bonding for a larger good – the clear winners here, our troops abroad, who will soon be consuming Samoas and Thin Mints along with childhood memories.


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