Personal Branding: Posting Your Photo Increases Your Twitter Following


Marketing software maker HubSpot has analyzed 9 million Twitter profiles and has come to the conclusion that accounts with a profile picture average about 10 times more followers than those without.

What is the reason? Generally a Twitter profile associated with a default avatar looks amateurish. For many, Twitter is about following experts, not just ordinary people – that’s what Facebook is for.

Media site Dosh Dosh examined the Top Ten Twitterholics based on Followers and found that they built large audiences through already established popularity. Most had followers from being deemed experts and rely on the strength of their reputation or personal brand. Integrating your brand or expertise into your profile is crucial, as is using websites or other platforms to promote your Twitter profile.[more]

According to Twitterholic rankings, Ashton Kutcher tops the list with 4.725 million followers, Britney Spears ranks second with 4.668 million, Ellen DeGeneres takes third with 4.454 million and Barack Obama shows up fourth with 3.570 million.

If you are an ordinary person who can’t sing, act or dance, just stay true and genuine to your personal brand. Become an expert in something, anything, that will drive people to follow you. offers some tips on how to go about it. Tweet away.


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