Cactus Health Products To Hit Stores Around China


A recent deal to market cactus-based products nationwide in China is the latest example of the nascent, yet fast-growing boom in health care products across the country.

Cactus grower and product developer China Kangtai Cactus Biotech recently inked an agreement with Yongkangmen Health and Drug Chain Store Group to market their patented cactus nutraceuticals, health food, and energy drinks in more than 3,000 drugstores throughout China. China Kangtai is cashing in on a trend that only has room to, ahem, grow.

Many Chinese people have health care on their minds due to concerns over exponentially rising costs; those concerns have been further exacerbated by a spate of food safety scandals. Also, an emphasis on traditional medicines that are largely herbal and preventative have the Chinese populous very aware of the long-term health benefits of organic properties found in plants such as the cactus. And now, with rising incomes in urban areas, many can afford products that promise a safe, natural boost to the body’s functioning.


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