Headline Roundup: Toyota Revs Up Response


Toyota’s swift handling of Lexus SUV issue includes safety tests on all SUVs. [NY Times | AP]

Coke kicks off Earth Month campaign. [Adweek | DMN News]

Pfizer developing Viagra-like drug for women. [ABC News]

Nike’s “Masters’ voice” ad the last straw in Tiger Woods’ marriage? [People]

Crocs tries to shed its dowdy image. [NY Times]

P&G resumes sponsoring family-friendly prime-time TV movies. [Cincinatti Enquirer] [more]

Intel, Nokia are looking for MeeGo developers. [NY Times]

The Library of Congress will back up tweets. [Consumerist]

Talbots is tailoring its stores to geographic areas. [Boston Herald]

‘Avatar’ encourages wannabes for the DVD’s release. [BrandFreak]

Blockbuster stays optimistic about its future. [LA Times]

Procter & Gamble sees new competition from Missouri. [NY Times]

Kraft supports a virtual “cheddar explosion.” [Brandweek]

Nordstrom’s reputation is on the line after a store opening. [CNBC]

Some high-profile iPad owners aren’t too impressed. [Gawker]

Companies are spying on consumers’ new media use. [WSJ]

April will bring spring showers, consumers electronics. [Daily Finance]

How will fast food brands react to pricier beef? [WSJ]

Shopping malls in the Southwest U.S. are doing poorly. [WWD]

Michael Jordan ponders rebranding his NBA franchise. [NY Times]