“Sex and the City 2” a Hot Ticket


Although it won’t hit theaters until May 27, advance sales for Sex and the City 2 are hotter than the $100 rack at a Jimmy Choo sample sale.

Warner Bros. head of distribution Jeff Goldstein tells the Hollywood Reporter that advance ticket sales at Regal Cinema are “brisk,” representing 20% of sales on its first day. Given that Kick-Ass garnered 17% of daily sales at pre-sale, the flurry of advance interest bodes well for SATC2’s summer box office.

With fashionistas already salivating at what costume designer Patricia Field has in store for Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, Sarah Jessica Parker gave a hint of what fans might expect in her interview for the May cover of Vogue.[more]

While keeping mum on which designers and brands made the cut, Parker said with much of the action set in Morocco, the challenge was finding designs that were covered but “incredibly sexy.”

As for what to wear to the opening–Regal is offering early ticketing so fans of the franchise can plan girls’ nights out–might we suggest a little something from the HBO and TBS online stores?