Kelly Osbourne, Red-Faced Brand Rep


Reality star Kelly Osbourne has hit the pages of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful 2010 issue this week and graced the pages of US Weekly as a 2010 Style Star last week.

Her newfound fame is linked to being a former finalist on Dancing with the Stars and losing an astonishing 42 lbs. “I’m still waiting for someone to pinch me,” she tweeted yesterday.
What has helped Ozzy’s youngest daughter glam up and look so svelte? All credit to St. Tropez self-tanner, a product Osbourne declared made her look 10 lbs. skinner. She reportedly said in a video on the St. Tropez website that “it started to make me look at my body in a different way.”
It seems that Osbourne’s other backers object to the claim.[more]

The video has been taken down from the St. Tropez website after an outcry from the UK-based nonprofit PinkStinks, which campaigns for positive role models for teenage girls.

Osbourne is also ambassador to The Prince’s Trust, Prince Charles’s motivational organization urging young people to accept themselves. His Royal Highness, it seems, does not believe in building confidence through self tanner.

She responded on Twitter, “Well my self esteem has gone down the toilet just when you think you are doing something good someone come along to tell you your not!”

However bad this snafu is, it doesn’t hold a candle to other celebrity endorsements gone bad. Anyone remember Michael Vick for Nike? Or perhaps Hertz touting O.J. Simpson?

Chances are that both St. Tropez and Osbourne will come out of this one OK. A little red-faced, maybe, but she can always cover that up with self-tanner.



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