BP Aids Florida; Fresh BPA Concerns


BP is giving Florida $25 million to salvage tourism ahead of Memorial Day and released new footage (above) of clean up efforts in the Gulf. US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, facing Congress today over the spill, said weaknesses at his agency contributed to the disaster.

Grocery manufacturers and packaged goods firms are taking a wait-and-see approach to FDA’s new concern over BPA in cans.

Microsoft‘s new social smartphone, the Kin, targets hipsters with secret concerts while Intel‘s CMO pursues millennials with Vice partnership.

Facebook will simplify privacy options (as third party apps aim to appease rattled users) and launches new mobile site with no data fees.

Yahoo is buying news aggregator Associated Content for (reportedly) “slightly more” than $100 million.

Google will unveil WebM, a video platform, and an OnStar app with Chevy at its I/O developers conference in SF.[more]

Cisco purchased Moto, a small design shop, to shore up its product development.

BestBuy launches digital movie service using CinemaNow brand.

Pfizer is cutting 6,000 jobs.

Kodak promotes green efforts with new logo and sustainability focus.

CNN is losing anchor Campbell Brown.
Canadian companies strike historic agreement to save forests.

Aflac and Pixar cook up integrated campaign to promote on Toy Story 3.

McDonald’s hopes smoothies & iced frappes will goose summer sales.

Warren Buffett trimmed his stakes in Kraft Foods, J&J and P&G.

Amazon is launching Kindle for Android phones.

Jim Beam tests interactive TV advertising.

Upfront oddity: from profane Twitter page to TV show with William Shatner.