Hitler In Advertising: Shockingly Unoriginal


Sicilian fashion brand New Form finds itself in hot water worldwide following its decision to modify an image of Hitler for its latest ad campaign. Despite some outrage, the brand says it will soon go ahead with the second portion of the campaign featuring Chairman Mao.

Shocking? Sure. New and creative? Not at all. Hitler (and Mao) have for years now been appropriated by brands looking for a little shock value. New Form isn’t even the first (or even the second) to run a campaign that hits the Hitler-Mao outrage sweet-spot. After the break, a survey of Hitler (and Mao) advertising from the past.[more]



A Greek radio station, Galaxy 92 FM, ran an “all music, no dogma” campaign using Hitler and Mao (and Stalin). [hat tip]

Germany’s Doc Morris Pharmacies used Hitler and Mao (not shown: Bin Laden) in ads. [hat tip]

Hitler (not shown: Che!) was highlighted in a campaign by Luxor. [hat tip]

Hitler also found his way onto an ad for the Nulaid Eggs brand. [hat tip]

Not to be outdone, Citroen featured Chairman Mao, a move the brand later regretted.

Hitler was used by Rasayana to promote its anti-stress tea. [hat tip]

German hatmaker Thomas Weber juxtaposed Hitler with Chaplin. Curiously, Hitler and Chaplin met earlier in the Luxor campaign. 

A karaoke-crooning Mao brought a reprimand for China’s KTV.

The Chinese creators of the radiator ad below said, “We decided to use Hitler [to advertise German-made heaters] because as soon as you see him, you think of Germany. It leaves a deep impression.” [hat tip]


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