BP Branding Satire on a Par With Oil-Slicked BP Brand


As Brandchannel noted earlier, BP’s “oil spill disaster is turning out to be a boon for satirists.” Everyone from Deapair.com to Zazzle.com to Greenpeace’s (and its “Rebrand BP” competition) have offered (for sale in some cases) their own humorous takes on the BP catastrophe.

But just like branding, brand satirization is an art where just the right attributes and subtle design details can make all the difference. With this in mind, Branbdchannel took a look at ten satirized BP logos and rated them in terms of effectiveness.

Theme: BP as biohazard
Source: Flickr
Comments: An excellent understanding of recognizable symbols and spatial relations is sunk by poor execution. Could the biohazard warning not have been melded with the BP color scheme?
Satire Grade 1-10: 4[more]


Theme: Fowl in Danger
Source: Cafe Press
Comments: This is an excellent entry… for a seven-year-old. The half-circle framing kills the original circular-themed logo. The font is atrocious while the amateurly-sized oil droplets are Clip Art-tastic. 
Satire Grade 1-10: 1.5


Theme: Brand Fouled by its Own Product
Source: Despair.com
Comments: While most other entries are from profiteers of convenience, Despair.com is a “professional” satire brand. A share because its entry is middling at best, suffering from horrendous execution of a simple principle: BP logo draped in oil. When it comes to quality workmanship, Despair.com appears about as reliable as BP itself.
Satire Grade 1-10: 1


Theme: F… U…
Source: Etsy
Comments: Leave it up the the creative horde at Etsy to offer something so simple yet so resonant. This designer knows that you know the logo, so boooyaa.
Satire Grade 1-10: 7.5


Theme: BP has Blood on its Hands
Source: Zazzle
Comments: Is that blood or oil? Oh, hey kids, look, it’s an exed-out circle over something we don’t like! This guy should start hosting his own design seminar.
Satire Grade 1-10: 2


Theme: Surfs up, Fossil Fuel
Source: Zazzle
Comments: Take out the “sucks” lingo and this almost looks like a logo for the BP-sponsored Surf Tour, which means this satire is excellent.. or fails. Wait, what?
Satire Grade 1-10: 8.. no, 2.. no, 6, no….


Theme:  Brand Fouled by its Own Product
Source: Greenpeace
Comments: This is a superior version, by some amateur, of the idea the pros at Despair.com are trying to profit off of (see above). It’s simple. It’s “bloody.”
Satire Grade 1-10: 6.5


Theme: Blood. Oil. Splatter… or something.
Source: Zazzle
Comments: Are you even trying anymore? The irony of lampooning bald careless profiteers with bald careless profiteering is tragic.
Satire Grade 1-10:  – 5


Theme: Oil Spill the World
Source: Greenpeace
Comments: Congratulations, you disturbed genius, whoever you are. You managed in one logo to satirize two brands. You “deserve a break today…” or some similar already-branded reward slogan.
Satire Grade 1-10: 8.5


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