Best Buy Taps into Movie Mode


Big box retailers are getting more creative at consumer engagement, especially when it comes to movies. Best Buy’s latest attempt to drive more customers to its stores is Movie Mode, a mobile application the retailer is launching in conjunction with the new 3-D film, Despicable Me, in theaters July 9.

According to Brandweek, the free downloadable application will locate theaters showing the movie, as well as Best Buy stores. It also does something unique: During the movie’s final credits, the “Minions” characters have an unintelligible conversation, but the Best Buy app translates the chatter.

When Best Buy releases an exclusive version of the Despicable Me film on DVD later this year, the app will be able to translate the characters’ dialogue during the entire movie.

The move into making a mobile app may do double duty for Best Buy.[more]

The chain is creating a movie tie-in to promote its movie offerings, but it is also drawing attention to its involvement in the mobile market. As reported previously, Best Buy is now opening stand-alone mobile mini-stores in hopes of increasing its share of mobile phone sales.

Best Buy competitor Wal-Mart is also engaged in movie-related promotions. The company recently acquired online movie service Vudu and is working with movie studios to create special offers.


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