Ashton Kutcher, Popchip Culture Czar


Ashton Kutcher isn’t just a fan of Popchips. He loves the brand so much he has just acquired a minority stake in the company, and will oversee the San Francisco-based firm’s social-marketing efforts as its first ever “president of pop culture.” One thing he won’t do — appear in Popchips ads.

“Listen, I’m going to eat these chips anyway,” the socialy media-savvy actor (who boasts 5 million-plus Twitter followers) tells the Wall Street Journal. “If I can, why not actually own a piece of the company? As my image is being leveraged, I am participating in the upside.”

The move echoes Polaroid’s “hiring” of Lady Gaga in January as its creative director, a partnership (she similarly acquired an undislosed minority stake) that led to a meeting in April but not much (yet) beyond that.[more]

As the Journal notes, Sarah Jessica Parker was recently named chief creative officer of Halston, where she will design its secondary line, after a stint as guest designer for Steve and Barry ended with the chain’s bankruptcy; Ellen DeGeneres “took an estimated 15% stake” in Halo Purely for Pets in 2008; and rapper 50 Cent acquired a stake in Energy Brands Inc., maker of the Glaceau line of waters, including Vitaminwater.