In the News: Madonna for Macy’s + more


Madonna‘s new Material Girl teen fashion line for Macy’s, a tribute to her early 80’s heyday, is ramping up marketing ahead of its August debut. Daughter Lola, collaborating with mom, also started a blog to discuss her fashion influences. Madonna fan Britney Spears is also launching her own fashion line.

More branding news:

BP‘s shares are up as it’s battling through Tropical Storm Alex in the Gulf of Mexico. The Wall Street Journal features an in-depth look at BP’s safety record.

Celgene is buying Abraxis BioScience for $2.9 billion.[more]

Cisco announces the Cius, dubbed “the BlackBerry of tablets.”

Draftfcb is trying to understand what drives consumer buying.

Google is taking on Amazon as it vies to be a bookseller’s best e-friend.

Hulu lifted the curtain on its subscription service.

P&G is researching “bad hair days” and other mysteries.

Target is looking at expanding in Canada.

Vodafone offers SME customers the chance to get their logo on a Formula One car. F1, meanwhile, is reducing its carbon footprint.

Yahoo is expanding its customer service to more languages with IBM’s help.

YouTube sets course for skippable ads.