“Got Milk?” Hits Social Media and the Road


Got Milk? - 2010 - Taylor Swift

In October 1993, a television ad with the tag line “got milk?” first appeared. It was part of a campaign to increase milk consumption by making the drink appear “cool.”

Previous ads conveyed the nutritional value of milk — but this and subsequent ads demonstrated that milk was the perfect sidekick to cookies, chocolate cake and other “junk food.” As the campaign matured, a series of “milk mustache” ads also appeared, showing celebrities and VIPs sporting an upper lip adorned by the white stuff.

Well, sometimes in the branding world, the more things change the more they stay the same. Not only is “got milk?” and the ubiquitous celebrity Milk Mustache campaign still around, it’s spreading beyond ads to social media and the public, via a national tour that’s traveling to 75 U.S. cities through September.

Print ads featuring celebrities will continue, but they’re now being supported with digital versions. For example, an ad showing baseball player Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals shows up in the new iPad edition of Sports Illustrated, while an ad with TV star Lauren Conrad can be accessed via text messaging.

Lauren Conrad unveils her national Milk Mustache "got milk?" ad and encourages teens to drink milk to get gorgeous from the inside out at The Grove on June 15, 2010

Consumers can take a picture of the Conrad ad with a smartphone and send a text message to get immediate access to a video in return. Consumers can also follow the new version of the “got milk?” campaign on Twitter.

Vivien Godfrey, CEO of the California-based Milk Processor Education Program that backs the “got milk?” campaign, tells Marketing Daily, “Continuing to make the ‘got milk?’ campaign stimulating and exciting has always been an important goal for us, and the advent of various new media channels has challenged us to think differently about how to connect with our various consumer groups most effectively.”

Check out the campaign’s website and you’ll see just how far “got milk?” has progressed.

It pitches the campaign’s Facebook page, where consumers can view behind-the-scenes video from Taylor Swift’s “got milk?” shoot, along with a joint promotion with Oreos on Facebook, in which consumers can win an appearance in a milk mustache ad. Facebook and MyYearbook.com, as well as other teen-oriented sites, are being targeted with the campaign.

On the road, the Milk Mustache Mobile “Milk the Moment” tour is making the rounds to celebrate “the special moments families share around the dinner table.” The tour includes free milk mustache photos, demonstrations and information, and a national contest offering a chance to win a family dinner with celebrity chef Tyler Florence.

And to continue to strengthen the bond between milk and healthy teeth, a specially created PSA is now running in more than 150 dentists’ waiting rooms in California. The ad features a place called “Mootopia” where everyone has healthy teeth because of — moo guessed it — milk.


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