Brand Bites: No Sweat Edition


Ubisoft rips it up to promote Shaun White Skateboarding game. Check it out with a different audio track here.

Cadbury Australia rolls out first ever round YouTube videos for its new rollpack. The clever (unembeddable) ads are on its YouTube channel.

Paul the Octopus is pointing to a World Cup victory for Spain. Mani the Parakeet, however, begs to differ.

“Pork on a Fork” is delicious, potentially a trademark violation.[more]

The Facebook economy as seen in map form.

Johnnie Walker promotes truck driver to F1 driver in 72 hours.

Is the Nokia brand on the defensive?

What does Bruce Willis smell like? We always guessed Budweiser and gunpowder. Now we know.

Mopar brand extension remarries the muscle car.

Playboy Portugal brings Jesus to the party, gets blacklisted from Playboy mansion.

Weekend reading: “The Rural Design Vernacular: Objects that Expose Agency.”

Starbucks will be your next vintner.

Candwich: the canned sandwich. Why didn’t we think of this?

Cyber Command
‘s logo gets hacked.

BP probably wishes it had a time machine so that it could go back to the 1970s and never ever make this board game. And yes, it is real.