Girl Scouts’ New Look


The Girl Scouts of the USA has been an iconic social service organization that has appealed to generations — but now it wants to make sure that appeal continues well into the future.

The organization just unveiled new branding that is intended to “revitalize and energize” the brand, according to Kathy Cloninger, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. Cloninger says one in 10 American girls participates in Girl Scouting. “With our new brand work,” she says, “we think we have the right message at the right time.”

Chief Marketing Officer Laurel Richie is a little more blunt about it, telling ABC News, “We heard that our logo looked a little tired, weathered, worn and discolored. Like it had been out on the picnic table all summer.”[more]

The makeover includes a new visual identity, including a reworked Girl Scouts trefoil mark and logo, along with a revised color palette that uses a more vibrant shade of green. The contemporary color scheme echoes the YMCA’s new rebranding from red and black to a spectrum of cheery colors.

The organization also plans a “360-degree marketing program” that will integrate online, place-based and traditional media. New ads feature the refreshed branding and tout sports with Serena Williams, career ambitions with a space-based ad, and community commitment.

It’s all about “repositioning Girl Scouts with a message that is relevant to girls and the lives they lead today,” says Richie. “Our research revealed that while many girls and parents knew about us, they had a very limited view of us.”

Read that as cookies — it is the $700 million Girl Scout cookies business that most people recognize. “We offer so much more than that,” says Richie, “and this new work is designed to let people know about all the new and exciting things girls do every day as Girl Scouts.”

Even the cookies are getting an update, as they’ll be sold door-to-door with some stylin’ new bags, below.