Brand Bite: Going Squirrely Edition


Google image search is dead. Long live Google image search. But first, a gallery for the art directors: “Awkward Stock Photos” (above)

A naked cowboy sees a naked cowgirl … no, this is not the beginning of a joke but a trademark suit. [more]

Mercedes bids YankeesSteinbrenner farewell (below)

Global rebrand in the works for Bacardi. Everything must go.

Tel Aviv aims to rebrand itself as new gay destination.

Brewdog unleashes limited edition status symbol beer to beat status symbol beers (below). Your move, Pabst.

Wonder what do the original Old Spice men think about Old Spice Man?

Attack of the promo: G4 becomes 4G starting Monday to promote Sprint.

Jennifer Aniston‘s latest drama: the story of how her debut fragrance was renamed at the last minute.

And, finally, quite possibly the stickiest ad in the history of forever. Bravo, you crazy Scotch marketers.