Media Too Quick To Label Old Spice Man a Failure


Ladies and gentlemen, start your headlines, because the Old Spice Guy backlash is on!

Old Spice’s Viral Ads Got Attention, Not Sales

Old Spice Body Wash Sales Down
Despite Recent Online Video Marketing Blitz?

My Ad’s Gone Viral; Now Where are the Sales?

Did the Hilarious Old Spice Commercials Hurt Old Spice Sales?

The Old Spice Guy Didn’t Actually Help Old Spice. Here’s Why

Old Spice Ad Wins Fans, Not Sales

Those are just a few of the headlines from media organizations getting out ahead of the curve on the Old Spice Guy backlash. They’re reacting to the fact that Old Spice sales are down 7%, even though its popularity is at an all-time high, the voracious news cycle demands someone declare Old Spice’s popular ads a failure. They are all wrong.[more]

Weeks ago, Brandchannel questioned the efficacy of the Old Spice Guy ads, wondering how, even with a temporary sales increase, the campaign served the long-term interests of the brand. (The debate rages on.) But even then we acknowledged that only time would tell and the true success of the Old Spice campaign might not be known for a year. But that’s too long to wait for many.

The media that has already turned against Old Spice, after fawning all over the brand for the last month, is all using the same statistic, that Old Spice sales are down 7%.

But the 7% decline is taken out of context. The full data from SymphonyIRI reveal that the decline came over a 52-week period and that period ended June 13, a year worth of data before the Old Spice ads reached peak popularity and saturation with its recent social media response campaign.

In actual fact, Old Spice sales are up. Nielsen reports that sales of the Old Spice Body Wash line climbed by 55% over the last three months. Sales of the brand’sproducts rocketed up 107% in the last month alone.

So please, let’s stop with the “Old Spice Guy failed” pieces… for now.

It was preposterous to believe that with the popularity of the ads Old Spice sales would tank. Even those who went out and bought it as a joke had to give the brand a significant bump. But as we stated earlier, let’s all revisit this before the 2011 Super Bowl, which will mark a year since the Old Spice Man debuted, and see where the Old Spice brand stands.


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