Levi’s Matching Social Media Millennials


After only a few months on the job as Levi’s social media ambassador known as the Levi’s Guy, Gareth Hornberger now has a female counterpart. Like Gareth, she’s blond, perky, and a digital native (currently, of Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

As the first ever Levi’s Girl, Meghan Smith is billed as “the new face and voice for Levi’s Women in the digital space.” She won the role after submitting a video via the Levi’s Girl Facebook app “showing off her unique style and personality.” Landing a six-month paid position, like Gareth she’s a social media intern in the Levi’s marketing department.

The 22-year-old South Carolina-born artist will be moving cross-country to San Francisco, where she will promote all things Levi’s to women on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Until she gets started, she also invites Levi’s fans to follow her personal Twitter and her blog. More details on her role after the jump.[more]

Smith will also serve as the “Style Ambassador” for Levi’s Women, “posting inspiring looks and designs, and channeling her ideas, outlook and discoveries to millions of people around the world.” 

She’ll be working closely with Hornberger, a 23-year-old USC grad, says his job entails more than just maintaining the brand’s Facebook page, his YouTube channel and tweeting as @Levisguy. (Meghan will get a companion feed to @Levisguy — @Levisgirl is taken).

Rather, Hornberger describes himself as “part of the team that crafts and executes the overall strategy, building partnerships with digital developers and establishing organic relationships with consumers to tell Levi’s brand story.”

In crafting his new role, he says “One of the biggest hurdles to overcome was how to make fundamental changes in our communication strategy and establishing a leadership position in digital marketing and social media, while being mindful of Levi’s rich history, tradition and iconic stature.”

It’s all well and good, but one question: why does Gareth get to be Levi’s Guy while Meghan is Levi’s Girl — especially when she’s tasked with engaging women in the Levi’s brand?

Meanwhile, here’s another bit of digital marketing featuring Levi’s, from a team of filmmakers who wanted to virtually send a Levi’s Guy in 501 jeans some 2,000 miles across America, from Brooklyn to San Francisco — in fact, just like the journey Meghan is taking.


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