Old Spice Ad Parody Report Card


Look at your commercial. Now look at Old Spice’s. Now back to Old Spice’s. Now back to yours. Sadly, it’s not like Old Spice’s. But if you stopped making the same old commercial and started advertising like Old Spice, they could be like Old Spice’s.

That might be the problem.

In the wake of the massive success of the Old Spice Guy commercials, we can all expect to see other brands hopping on the bandwagon to take advantage of… whatever the hell those Old Spice commercials were. Some are already showing up.

A few are straight knock-offs and others seem inspired by, or at least in the spirit of, the Old Spice concept. Below, we break out the Brandchannel score card, ranking each on a 1 to 10 scale of Old Spiciness.[more]

Product: Towne & Country Realtors

Concept: Why the hell not?

Old Spiciness 1-10: 1

Product: Dallas Mavericks Tickets

Concept: “Mavericks Musk” was meant to interest fans in NBA playoff tickets to Dallas Mavericks games. We hope Dallas Mavericks guard Caron Butler’s disembodied head doesn’t quit its day job.

Old Spiciness 1-10: 1

Product: Mr. Happy The Melancholy Sausage

Concept: To promote their iPhone app, the creator of Mr. Happy The Melancholy Sausage put together a straight knock-off of the Old Spice ad. The problem: the iPhone app sausage is nothing like the “Old Spice” ad sausage.

Old Spiciness 1-10: 2

Product: Keystone Light

Concept: Not an Old Spice-inspired ad, Keystone’s absurdity nonetheless reminds us a little of Old Spice. But are Keystone Light drinkers supposed to associate with the seemingly degenerate alcoholic portrayed by “Keith Stone?” If the Old Spice Guy is the best night of your life, Keith Stone is the night you swan dive into cases of Keystone Light to forget. Yet, we’re oddly attracted to him!

Old Spiciness 1-10: 6 (pack)

Product: United Moving

Concept: The single cut. The over-enunciation. The Q&A format. The absurdity of the question. United Moving is coyly copying Old Spice without copying Old Spice.

Old Spiciness 1-10: 5

Product: Cisco

Concept: It’s easy to go hard on CiscoSPice for its production values; but take a deeper look at the dedication to the concept and it grows on you. Also, the guy Cisco got to be “Ted from Accounting” is impossible to dislike. Admirably self-aware and acceptably tongue-in-cheek, Cisco explains its reasoning here.

Old Spiciness 1-10: 7

Product: Brigham Young Harold B. Lee Library

Concept: “Did you know that eight our of five dentists say that studying in the library is six bajillion times more effective than studying in your shower?” Bravo, you crazy bastards!

Old Spiciness 1-10: Unicorns!


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