In the News: Allergan, BMW, Subway, Toyota


Allergan reports surging second-quarter sales thanks to huge demand for Botox injections.

Amazon and Apple attract antitrust scrutiny for pricing of their e-books.,

BMW rides improved markets in China and the United States to rising profits.

CBS and Comcast reach a new deal on fees.

EA Sports debuts a new marketing campaign for its Madden video game, dubbed “Madden to the People,” which among other things will emphasize the game’s quicker play. predicts that July U.S. auto sales, to be reported later today, trended up from June, but J.D. Power notes that the month’s early momentum seemed to trail off toward the end.

Newsweek goes over to Harman International for the fee of $1 paid to previous owner Washington Post, and one of the new owner’s first moves is to accept the resignation of Editor Jon Meacham.

Sanofi-Aventis talks with U.S. biotech firm Genzyme about a possible friendly takeover by the French drug maker.

Subway proclaims its new breakfast initiative a success so far.

Toyota faces a new lawsuit in its troubles with vehicles with electronic throttles that led to massive safety recalls.,

Unilever bets big on the return of Mad Men with a multi-brand advertising blitz involving Dove, Breyers, Hellman’s, Klondike, Suave and Vaseline marques.


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