Sovio Crowdsources Wine Labels


In a move echoing Domino’s “improve our pizza” campaign, UK-based Sovio Wines is turning to the public to turn its wine labels from drab to fab.

Sovio’s competition, which is accepting entries through the end of the month, is seeking “innovative and unconventional label designs” to jazz up its good-for-you reduced-alcohol red and white wines.

Crowdsourcing, of course, is the flavor du jour for brand marketers these days. Sovio, which has been around since 2005, when it launched with the mission of marketing a ‘New Generation Wine,’ wants its new-look packaging to communicate that its wines are may be lighter, but they’re also aromatic and flavorful and less intoxicating.

With alcohol levels ranging from 5.5% to 8% alcohol, instead of the typical 13.5 – 14.5%, the line also boasts fewer calories – about 50% fewer.

A unique ‘cold vacuum’ distillation process developed by Sovio’s sister company, TFC Wines, removes alcohol from a proportion of the wine, then reblends it with the rest and the final product is less-alcoholic wine. The TFC logo appears on all bottles as the brand’s seal of approval that each bottle meets its standards for method and quality.[more]

“We felt that a competition for artists, art students and illustrators in general would be the best way to achieve this as most of them are most likely not working in the wine industry and can come up with unbiased, fresh and unconventional ideas for our product,” Helen Lentze, TFC’s marketing manager, told Marketing Magazine.

The wine is made in Napa Valley by David Stevens, who says it’s a “lighter alternative…easy-going option for mid-week drinking.” The brand endured a protracted legal battle over its UK launch – at issue was calling the low-alcohol product a wine rather than a ‘wine-based drink.’ Sovio is available at Tesco and Premier convenience stores.

The design competition, which is free to enter, offers a top prize of roundtrip airfare for two from London to San Francisco, and five nights double occupancy in a hotel.

One caveat: only UK residents over 18 can participate … but perhaps a side-trip to Napa Valley to see the Mother grape makes it all the more worthwhile.


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