The Other Guys Product Placement: A Runaway Hit


The Other Guys is a Will Ferrell comedy in the spirit of Talladega Nights, where brands are punch lines. Here, VO5, Wendy’s, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and New York University all take some lumps here.

The placement that steals the film, however, is the Toyota Prius, even though it gets savaged frequently.[more]

The movie takes great glee in unfavorably comparing the Prius to a part of the female anatomy; in another dig, a policeman quips, “We found your red Prius. It was trying to vote for Ralph Nader.” There is even a gag that skirts dangerously close to outright mocking Toyota’s recent braking problems.

Proving the Prius’ top billing, it made the film’s poster. One brand that was all over the poster but not in the film itself, Desert Eagle. As we’ve noted before, the Desert Eagle is the preposterous product placement handgun of choice. Go to Brandcameo for full coverage and all the brands.


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