Social Media Watch: W+K’s Old Spice Man Case Study


• “Old Spice Man” social marketing campaign results (such as 1.4 billion campaign impressions) are discussed in a video case study, above, by W+K.

Gowalla‘s check-in API is released to third-party applications as Twitter prepares to share Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends with third-party apps.

Your Google Stories squares off vs. latest batch of users’ Facebook stories.

AT&T’s U-verse app brings TV to subscribers’ smartphones.

Facebook‘s geolocation Foursquare-like feature is coming soon.

Foot Locker Europe expands “cheeky” game on Facebook.

Twitpic founder launches Heello, a social startup aimed at businesses and potential rival to HipChat, another B2B social enterprise play.

Twitter-inspired CBS series starring William Shatner, #*! My Dad Says, is being boycotted by parents’ watchdog.

• Watch Twitter‘s Rushmore-inspired recruitment video after the jump.[more]

The inspiration:


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