Foster’s Lager Fosters a New Image


Foster’s Lager, the iconic beer from Down Under, is putting on a fresh face in the United Kingdom.

The European rights to the beer are owned by Heineken, which just introduced a completely revised look in the UK that shows the brand’s widely recognized “F” logo in a vivid yellow circle (which you can see on the right).

The new look, created by London’s BrandMe, retains the familiar kangaroo and the tagline, “The Amber Nectar,” but adds new copy that reads, “Refreshing Aussies Since 1888” to emphasize Foster’s longevity.

The revised branding will be used on all packaging in the UK going forward, including bottles, cans, glasses, and draft beer founts.

Foster’s UK marketing manager, Gayle Harrison, says the new branding is part of a major change.[more]

“It will revitalize the brand and add to the marketing momentum that is building on the back of the innovative advertising and sponsorship support we have put in place,” she commented. “Most importantly, the redesign will give Foster’s a powerful competitive advantage through the creation of an instantly recognizable brand mark that can easily be translated across all Foster’s branded materials.”

As part of this rebranding, Heineken is venturing into branded entertainment with Foster’s UK sponsoring original one-off programs for the Web which will recreate episodes from classic British comedy TV series. The goal, according to Harrison, is to build Foster’s awareness among young men, the brand’s target audience.

Last month, Foster’s UK also launched “Good Call,” a multimillion-pound campaign with funny commercials featuring Brad and Dan, two “Aussie blokes” with a laidback sense of humor that evokes the classic Australian “no worries, mate” attitude. Take a peek below; they’re also featured on the Foster’s UK website.

At home in Australia, meanwhile, the original Foster’s brand is going through something of an upheaval, as it prepares to separate its wine and beer businesses and get back on the road to profitability.


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