Cadbury Gets Its Rube Goldberg On


As fans of OK Go’s video experiments will attest, there’s an innate pleasure to witnessing a Rube Goldberg machine in action. As part of Cadbury South Africa’s relaunch of the Tumbles chocolate brand, the above commercial was shot in one take. There’s a great twist at the end — and the press release includes fun facts about the shoot, such as:

• 17,000 Tumbles were weighed to get 8 suitably sized balls to trigger the machine

• The Tumbles had to weigh 2.5g exactly 

• It took 6 weeks to build the machine

• The tracks for the cars expanded and contracted due to changes in temperature, so the room had to remain at a constant temperature

• The machine was made from real ‘boy toys’ – sports gear, beer, gnomes, cars, dart boards and a mouse trap

• The balloons had to be filled with the correct amount of helium for each take in order for the machine to function correctly

The final point’s a spoiler, so watch the video first.[more]

• The Tumble snapped up by the dog in the final scene was in fact a doggy treat (“as our fury friends do not eat chocolate!”)

It’s all very clever, and the hope is that it will put the brand top of mind again in South Africa.
“There’s nothing quite like Tumbles,” says Cadbury Chocolate head marketer, Greg Banach. “South Africans love the bite sized treat of either raisins, peanuts or shortbread covered in creamy dairy milk chocolate – but the brand needed to be refreshed.”  
Conceptualised by Cadbury South Africa and the Promise Agency, “The new commercial brings Tumbles right back up to date for its young urban male target market – the bite sized treat is simple, down-to-earth and unpretentious – which is just what the male market likes from a brand” explains Banach.
Tumbles packaging has been refreshed in line with Cadbury Dairy Milk’s new look; to quote the press release, “the sleek matt foil finish is clean and uncluttered giving the packaging a premium appearance. To complete the re-launch, Cadbury Nutties will now also fall into the Tumbles stable, which means that the Nutties range will now be renamed Tumbles, but will still be available in their 150 gram and 250 gram box formats.”
“Tumbles are one of South Africa’s best loved brands and we are very excited about advertising it for the first time in many years. The refreshed pack design really stands out on shelf, and the migration of Nutties into the Tumbles stable was a logical one so we have no doubt that fans will continue to love their favourite chocolate treat” adds Banach.


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