Claire’s, Macy’s Go Gleefully Back to School


It’s that time of year again: malls flooded by over-caffeinated mothers, lengthy shopping lists, and reluctant children who would have rather stayed at the pool. Yup, it’s time to go back to school. And in an effort to lift children’s spirits and capitalize on the ‘back to school’ market, major retailers like Macy’s and Claire’s are partnering with Twentieth Century Fox to launch Glee-themed merchandise.

“Glee has the kind of dedicated fan base that’s really rare,” said Norm Yustin, global CMO for Claire’s. In conjunction with the highly anticipated third season of Glee, Claire’s will roll out an exclusive line of jewelry and accessories and mall-based karaoke contests. The line will include items like bracelets adorned with Finn and Puck charms, Quinn’s flawless makeup, and Don’t Stop Believing backpacks.[more]

Also on tap for Claire’s: pop-up shops, launching on September 3rd in malls in Chicago, suburban New York, and Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, on August 15th Macy’s launched a Glee-themed apparel line from Awake, Inc. that features hoodies, T-shirts, and other exclusive clothing items. Macy’s borrows from the show’s energy by creating fully-branded retail destinations with in-store Glee vignettes that allow consumers to access unique mobile content.

While Macy’s has had success with its multi-platform effort, Claire’s is going all in by remaking its logo for the first time in 40-plus years, to include the Glee-branded letter L hand sign.

“We were looking for a retail partner that not only fit the Glee demographic and could translate the show into product, but also would go above and beyond in co-marketing with us to create a new Glee event,” said Pam Kunick-Cohen, svp at 20th Century Fox Consumer Products, when speaking of Fox’s partnership with Claire.

“Glee fans, or ‘Gleeks’, just don’t watch the show – they live it. This retail launch will provide fans a very personal way to extend the Glee experience and express their own Glee personality,” said Robert Marick, EVP of Fox Consumer Products.

Does Glee branding signify something greater than this year’s back-to-school shopping flavor? It may signify a move in these recessionary times away from hipness and towards a defiant dedication – among parents and kids alike – to embrace your inner geek.