Special K Gets Lucky


Swipe your smartphone across the 2D bar code on a box of Special K cereal in the US, and you may be surprised to see Lucky magazine editor-at-large Elise Loehnen pop up in a video with tips about finding figure-flattering jeans. It’s a, well, fitting and organic partnership from the cereal whose mantra is how to feel better in your jeans, and a magazine featuring the latest jeans and other styles.[more]

The Conde Nast-owned Lucky has been leveraging digital platforms to spread its pro-shopping and fashion messages: a popular website extends its monthly print magazine with daily content, it’s got a popular iPhone app, and now bar codes that link to styling videos from another old-fashioned printed matter: cereal boxes.

For Kellogg, it’s one more catchy way to push its Special K Challenge weight-loss campaign. Microsoft’s Tag 2D bar codes will appear on 20 million Special K cereal boxes and related items.

“We started doing bar codes in February and Special K took notice of it,” comments Lucky’s online director, Mary Gail Pezzimenti, to Brandweek. “They wanted to do something for their Special K Challenge and were interested in using Microsoft bar codes, and they wanted to use our videos…It’s incredible brand awareness.”

It’s an old-school barter deal — no money exchanged hands — combined with a new-fangled delivery mechanism to power both brands. All that’s needed is the milk.


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