20 Years of Brett Favre Endorsements: A Scorecard


Tonight marks the 20th NFL Season for Brett Favre. During that time the multiple-MVP award quarterback has won a Super Bowl and retired two or three times. To mark Favre’s 286th consecutive start, here’s a look back at the best and worst brand endorsements connected with the “gunslinging” legend.

Brand: Nike (above)

This 1997 ad caught Favre in his prime MVP years. While perfectly fine selling the Nike brand, what this ad really does is sell Favre as the working man’s quarterback, a guy unconcerned with the limelight who just wants to play some damn football. For the next 13 years, this will be the default understanding of the Favre brand.

Love of the Game Score: He’s like a kid out there![more]

Brand: Snapper

“Common sense,” something Favre has not always displayed while playing, is the theme of these Snapper lawnmower ads. Favre feels shoehorned in and the messaging doesn’t seem to take particular advantage of Brett, even though he (legendarily) loves mowing his lawn.

Love of the Game Score: Incomplete pass

Brand: Remington

Despite being a multi-millionaire, Favre’s brand is that of a simple country boy from Mississippi. The Remington brand fits perfectly with that image and does a little brand-building-by-association. But it would have been nice to actually see Favre with the gun.

Love of the Game Score: 8 yard gain on crossing route

Brand: Sears

These Sears commercials featuring Favre mocking himself are probably the most enjoyable spokesman work he’s ever done. Far better than the Hyundai ad with a similar joke. But how did that translate to the Sears brand?

Love of the Game Score: 45-yard gain called back for a holding penalty.


Brand: Prilosec / Sensodyne

Did Favre’s involvement with these pharmaceuticals raise awareness for the brand with the target demographic? Probably. Did they open all kinds of opportunities for making fun of Brett Favre? You betcha.

Love of the Game Score: Quarterback knocked down.

Brand: Mastercard

During the heyday of the “Priceless” Mastercard ads, Favre appeared as a “Monday morning quarterback.” Clever campaign, though not doing a great deal to define either brand.

Love of the Game Score: 18-yard pass.

Brand: Wrangler

That these ads made Favre the target of some ribbing proves they hit home. The Wrangler and Favre brand values are now inexorably linked, for better or worse.

Love of the Game Score: Two-minute drive for a touchdown.

Brand: Bergstrom Automotive

Wait, what? Smart car?

Love of the Game Score: Playoff game interception.