Chevrolet Goes Hunting


The Chevrolet brand is on something of a hunting expedition lately, rolling out three hunting-themed campaigns so far this month.

On Sept. 1, a series of spots for the Silverado rolled out, targeting US deer-hunters.

Last week, in a takeoff on the HGTV series House Hunters, Chevrolet launched the Car Hunters Challenge with “third-party independent research firm, GfK, to conduct drive clinics with customers who are shopping for a new vehicle.”

Today sees the latest chapter in its hunting expedition: the Chevrolet Cruze putting Honda in its sights with the “Dear Civic” (Deer Civic?) spot above.[more]

Chevy’s latest commercial plays off an review that stated “the compact-sedan-segment big dogs — the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla — had better start looking over their shoulders for Chevy’s Cobalt  replacement. The 2011 Cruze is more than equal to those big-selling Japanese compacts and has enough going on to pique the interest of enthusiast drivers, too.”

Voiceover sound familiar? That’s Chevrolet’s new pitchman, Tim Allen.