Celebrity Sponsored Tweets: An Examination


While Twitter itself is still struggling to find a way to make money on its popularity, Twitter users are lining up to make cash off their 140-characters-or-less missives. Izea’s Sponsored Tweets program connects Twitter users with advertisers via a pay-per-tweet program, based on the number of followers and/or celebrity status.

Brandchannel looks at some of the celebrity options at Sponsored Tweets, what you’ll pay per tweet and who’s already matched up, after the jump.[more]

Tweeter: Jay Mewes

Cost per Tweet: $235.30

Program Billing: Movie Star: Mewes is best known for his collaborations in Kevin Smith’s films Mallrats, Dogma, Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Brand Match: Wyndham Vacation Rentals

Tweeter: Nick Mangold

Cost per Tweet: $1,764.75

Program Billing: Sports Star: Current NFL center for the New York Jets. 

Brand Match: Tony’s Pizza

Tweeter: Champ Bailey

Cost per Tweet: $588.25

Program Billing: Sports Star: Eleven year vet of the NFL, currently playing cornerback for the Denver Broncos. 

Brand Match: Navteq Maps

Tweeter: Lindsey Lohan

Cost per Tweet: $2,985.80

Program Billing: Movie Star: fashion designer, and television/film actress

Brand Match: Rev Genetics

Tweeter: Heidi Montag

Cost per Tweet: $3,529.50

Program Billing: TV Star: reality TV star, singer

Brand Match: Petflow.com

Tweeter: Michael Ian Black

Cost per Tweet: $5,882.50

Program Billing: Comedian: multi-talented actor, writer, comedian, author, and father

Brand Match: Edge Shave Zone

So, averaging around $0.003 per Twitter follower, is this advertising model attractive? Granted, these celebrities must understand that too many sponsored tweets will dilute their own brand, and probably make their fans feel exploited (which may lead to them not being fans anymore). But in the modern ad landscape where a new thing is rare, this program appears to have legs.


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