Levi’s for Women: Shape, Not Size, Matters


Levi’s latest move in wooing women: an online fitting service. Having recently relaunched its global sizing for women with the Curve ID system, America’s iconic jeans-maker aims to help them find their ideal fit in the privacy of their own (digital) spaces.

The digital offering, now available in 20 languages and 50 countries, was created by Duke/Razorfish. Based on 60,000 women’s figures worldwide, the goal is to give women almost a customized experience that eases the frustrations of the endless search for the perfect pair of jeans for their body shape and measurements.

“We started out by looking at the internal dialogue women have with themselves when trying on jeans. What we found is that when the jeans don’t fit, women blame themselves instead of the jeans,” comments Mary Alderete, VP global women’s marketing, to Brand Republic. “From now on, it is shape that counts, not size.”[more]

The brand has been ramping up its focus on women with a digital push to support Curve ID, including recently hiring its first social media liaison, Meghan Smith, as “the new face and voice for Levi’s Women in the digital space” following a Facebook-conducted search. Now based at Levi’s HQ in San Francisco, she’s helping with marketing outreach such as today’s Curve ID “Wear What Fits” event for Levi’s Women.
“Levi’s is setting up a new denim standard for women, totally inspired by their daily insights,” says Olivier Abel, managing director of Duke/Razorfish. “It is a critical shift in the communication industry to see that a pioneer brand like Levi’s has chosen to orchestrate such an historical product launch, by using digital as its communication backbone.”

Meghan, by the way, is the Levi’s Girl; and yes, there is a Levi’s Guy. Next up: the Levi’s Kid?


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