Wanted: The World’s Coolest Intern


Standard Chartered Bank launched its Breeze mobile banking service in Singapore in mid-August. In the bank’s own words, Breeze is about “no bank-speak, no accountant-language and so intuitive that using it is a breeze”.

But the buzz around Breeze really only started to build when the bank announced its search yesterday for “The World’s Coolest Intern,” who would be hired for six months just to “tweet at work.” In reality, it will be more than that.

The contest is reminiscent of the brand-building “The Best Job in the World” campaign that Tourism Queensland ran last year in Australia, where the winner was paid to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, dive with sharks, and sip Chardonnays on the job. So is this a copycat campaign? Not quite.[more] 

The winner of the competition must win the judges over with his or her knack to create engaging tweets, blog posts, podcasts or videos. The recruitment process will be conducted entirely in cyberspace, with the very first step being to follow @StanChartBreeze on Twitter. 

Applicants won’t have time to get up to speed with the ins and outs of social influence marketing for the competition, as applications for the internship close on October 15. The winner will be someone already deeply involved with social media.

The selection process may break records for the fastest selection process, or at the very least, the most public.

The “World’s Coolest Intern” will start work by November 1, after the winner from the top ten contestants is selected after an interview on the bank’s HireVue’s Video Job Interviewing Platform on October 25. That group will be winnowed from the top 20 contestants, who will be assessed on their digital footprint and their ability to communicate and engage with digital communities.

The winner will, however, receive training from key players in Singapore’s social media scene, including Qais Consulting on Strategic Social Media Activation; Edelman  on PR; JamiQ on Social Media Analytics, Christophe Langlois from Visible Banking on Social Media specific to Finance/Banking and Pat Law (Goodstuph) on social influence marketing.

Will the winner of the “World’s Coolest Intern” contest find it a breeze? Yes, if he or she is truly a social media whiz.