Facebook’s Zuckerberg Launches Charity with $100M Donation


Here’s a snippet of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the Oprah Winfrey Show today, announcing the $100 million donation he’s making to help schools in Newark, NJ. Watch more of Zuckerberg’s appearance on Oprah.com, along with a post-show segment, where he says he’s using this pledge to kick off his Startup Education Foundation.

In short, he says it’s all about children and investing in leaders such as Newark mayor Corey Booker and New Jersey governor Chris Christie, not a charm offensive tied to the opening of The Social Network movie. In fact, he says he’s been researching education for more than a year as a precursor to today’s announcement.

It also follows Facebook’s recent partnership with the National PTA to promote cybersafety and awareness about social networking.


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