In the News: Avis, Nike, YouTube


In the News

AMD warns of a sales shortfall.

Apple TV divides networks as NBC refuses to play ball.

Avis raises bid for Dollar Thrifty in last-ditch effort to trump Hertz.

Blockbuster is assessing each store as it works through bankruptcy.

Daimler is cutting costs with Euro refinancing scheme.

Disney Interactive head Steve Wadsworth resigns.

GM‘s IPO hopes are trimmed by the US government.[more]

Facebook is on damage control mode ahead of The Social Network movie debut on Oct. 1.

GlaxoSmithKline‘s controversial diabetes drug, Avandia, is being restricted by the FDA.

HSBC‘s top management is shuffling as CEO steps down.

Nielsen is testing a new Web ad metric.

Nike‘s China sales rise on demand for basketball apparel.

Oracle is on the lookout for acquisitions.

YouTube wins key copyright battle against Spanish TV broadcaster.


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