Pink(o) Cadillac


In the 1950s, such a headline would have caused the the brand’s management to be dragged before a Congressional panel who demonstrated no shame. Questions would be asked. Accusations made. Lists blackened. It would have been the Cadillac of political scandals.

But not today. Demonstrating just how far the international political landscape has changed is not only that the Cadillac brand in China is sponsoring a state-produced propaganda film about the Chinese Communist Party — but that nobody cares. [more]

Announced on GM’s Shanghai website, Cadillac’s involvement will include monetary sponsorship and in-kind vehicle use for producers of The Birth of a Party. The film will chronicle the Communist Party’s rise to power in China in the 20th century in anticipation of the party’s 90th anniversary. The brand has defined its role as the “chief business partner” of the film. It’s unclear if the Cadillac brand would actually appear in the film.

Maybe the 2011 Cadillac is not so “Unmistakably American” after all.

While Cadillac is expanding in China, having just announced 16 new dealerships, the brand is making a recovery in the US market as well. Year-to-date sales for the iconic luxury car brand are up 50%.

In recent years, Cadillac has done an outstanding job of completely overhauling its models and introducing hybrid technology while maintaining its luxury image. If the brand is able to translate this success to the China market, it can count on years of brand strength as the ride of choice for cadres on both sides of the socipolitical spectrum.