AOL: Project Devil is in the Details


AOL unveiled Project Devil, its new ad format at Advertising Week in New York this week. Touting “a better web,” the acquistion-hungry portal is bumping up the size of ad units, making brands as sexy as content (despite its recent focus on content, including the acquistion of TechCrunch). Find out more in its Ad Week presentation, after the jump.[more]

Two AOL properties, StyleList and Moviefone, have adopted the new supersized ad formats, which are not only more prominent but interactive (without annoying viewers by taking over the page). AOL is pitching the format to other websites and brand marketers alike.

Brands already kicking the tires on Project Devil include P&G, Unilever, Sprint, General Mills’ Cheerios and Pillsbury Crescents, Columbia Pictures’ The Social Network, Lexus, and Macy’s. Check out AOL’s Ad Week presentation by global advertising and strategy president Jeff Levick (which calls Project Devil “a fundamental redesign of the Web”) in the video below.


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