Consumerist’s Worst Ad of the Year (Envelope, Please)


…goes to Staples‘ “Wow! That’s a Low Price!” commercial (actually one of a series), with 30.6% of the vote. The Consumerist blog received more than 100,000 votes for its first “worst ad in America” awards. Click through for the other winners — er, losers.[more]

#2 worst ad picked by consumers: Quiznos‘ “singimals.”

#3 is Honda‘s “Mr. Opportunity” character’s paparazzi spot

#4 went to Progressive‘s Flo character

#5 was State Farm‘s “chummy, raven-haired insurance buddy”

Other category winners include Most Grating Performance by a Human went to McDonald’s for this:

Most Annoying Animated Sportsthing: General Insurance‘s The General

Duo or Group That Most Needs to Be Broken Up: J.G. Wentworth‘s opera singers

Celebrity Who Must Have Lost the Most Money in the Housing Crash: Jimmy Johnson

Creepiest Commercial: Liberty Medical‘s catheter commercial