In the News: Facebook, Hasbro, Naked Cowboy


In the News

ABC News receives unusual grant from Gates Foundation for covering international health.

American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia Airlines launch a transatlantic joint venture.

Apple readies an iPhone for Verizon; separately, Motorola sues Apple over mobile patents.

Cisco and Logitech separately introduce gear to improve computer interfaces with home televisions. 

Facebook launches groups to address the social network’s “biggest problem.”

Gap‘s new logo draws widespread criticism (and fake Twitter feed).

GE plans to buy oilfield-equipment firm Dresser as part of an acxquisition binge.[more]

Hasbro‘s new U.S. children’s TV network launching Sunday with Discovery, The Hub, raises product placement concerns.

J&J buttons up its deal to buy Crucell. may change its name. 

New York’s Naked Cowboy announces 2012 presidency run as Tea Party candidate.

Polaroid focuses on user-content sharing, as does Kodak.

Sirius XM plans for growth despite increasing competition.

Taco Del Mar restaurant brand is sold to a group created by the founders of Subway, which is positioning itself as the training menu for amateur athletes.

Telstra, the Australian telecom giant, takes a nuanced approach to Web 2.0.

Thermador undertakes rebranding campaign.

Yahoo changes search to try to differentiate itself from Google.

U.S. FTC new green marketing guidelines will affect brands’ environmental messaging.


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