Microsoft Tag: You’re It!


With all the talk of QR codes these days, Microsoft Tag has been out in the marketplace for over a year, working with brand marketers eager to test the customizable 2D barcode. It can be displayed anywhere and connects almost anything in the physical world to virtual information, entertainment, and interactivity via a mobile device.

Tag just wrapped up its largest campaign to date, in partnership with Allure magazine, which yielded a whopping 444,572 Tag scans. That breaks the record held by JAGTAG for its 2D barcode campaign which generated 100,000 scans for a Sports Illustrated campaign earlier this year.[more]
Tags are scanned on a smartphone via the free downloadable Microsoft Tag Reader; in black and white or color, they can be customized with product images or logos.

Allure has used its site for giveaway promotions before, but the Tag partnership marked a first. Allure ran 93 Microsoft Tags in its August issue, inviting readers to enter 159 choices of beauty products valued at $725,000.
Some key results:

• There were 38% more entries this year, 28% of which were directly attributable to barcode scans;
• Mobile users outnumbered PC users – an average of 25 times per mobile entrant, and 9.4 times for PC entrants;
• 34% of mobile entrants opted in for more information.

Tag scanning has reached a level of consumer ease and adoption, good news for publishers and other brand marketers in pursuit of that elusive consumer impulse action.